Flight 213 - Flight Status - Completed - April 6, 2006

Leg #1 - LAX to DFW - Status: Completed (Kate)


Finding the clue means that Oceanic World Air Flight 213 has landed safely at Dallas-Fort Worth Airport (DFW) Terminal "D". Leg #1 is now completed. Leg #1 was a "Kate" stop. Tom's toy plane (from Dallas) is important, and we will find out more about it as LOST continues.  Alex has been found on the island with the others and also by Stussy96 at Terminal "D" in DFW in the Sol Lewitt artwork. The clue you have found at DFW Terminal "D" provides important information about our Leg #2 destination as well as many possible clues to future legs. Be careful though...not all clues are related to Flight 213, although they may be important. Leg #2  is related to a specific LOST character and also asks a question. The question is: Is the Blackrock more than it seems? Our journey now continues, leaving from DFW Terminal "D" - Gate 23. We will not be changing aircraft, remaining on Oceanic World Air Flight 213's B777. 25,000 miles and GOLD STATUS awarded to therefanboy!

Leg #2 - DFW to BNA - Status: Flight diverted to MEM - Completed (Sawyer)

Due to extreme winter weather conditions in Nashville, Flight 213 was unable to land at BNA and made a brief stop in Memphis to refuel prior to continuing on to our 3rd planned stop. Clue has been found in Olive Branch (34.979631 -89.808465) by Matt from Buffalo Wild Wings Grill & Bar in Olive Branch, MS (Courtesy of Dionysius & Aggiesean's coordination via email and cell phone!) 25,000 miles awarded to both Dionysius and Aggiesean. Aggiesean is now GOLD!

Additional information can be found at: 34.979631 -89.808465


Leg #3 - MEM to ABQ - Status: Completed (Marshall Edward Mars)

The selection of the location for Clue #2 in Olive Branch, MS was picked because it was on the exact same latitude (34.979) as Clue #3 in Albuquerque, NM.

Leg #3 was a Marshall Edward Mars stop, as discovered by 3-Putt on our bus tour. A bit of trivia for you - Edward Mars name was never revealed in the show, but was revealed on oceanic-air.com. Schaduwen found the clue, which was a small quartz crystal buried 16 inches below the surface of a crater inside Kirtland Air Force base property. Way off Course got GOLD for figuring out where the clue was located. glantern also gets GOLD for figuring out that the crystal refers to the Michael Lee Chin crystal wing of the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto, Canada (ROM) hence next stop is an Ethan Rom stop.


Leg #4 - ABQ to YYZ - Status: Completed (Ethan Rom)

Leg #4 was an Ethan ROM stop. The clue was found posted outside the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The clue was identified as a photograph of the erection of Cleopatra's Needle (Egyptian Obelisk) in London, England. 

Leg #5 - YYZ to LHR - Status: Completed (Charlie)

Leg #5 was a Charlie stop. This one was not so easy, although some of you were VERY close to figuring it out, but got distracted with clues that took you off on tangents and off focusing on the puzzle. Certainly not a lack of hard work though.


Leg #6 - LHR to KAN - Status: Completed (Eko)


  A scroll has been found on top of the confessional, which is a map. It will lead us to our next destination.

Leg #7 - KAN to NZPQ - Status: Completed (John Locke)


Leg #7 found an underground hall with lots of clues in Antarctica. Dharma seems to have beaten us there and have left with some artifacts.

Leg #8 - NZPQ to SYD - Status: Completed (Claire Littleton)


Leg #8 was a Claire leg, and the NDRJ clue is part of the code on her Flight 815 ticket to LAX. Claire's friend Rachel has provided us information that may help us find the answer to the clue we found in Antarctica. We need to fly to Los Angeles to seek the answer.

Leg #9 - SYD to LAX - Status: Completed (Jack Shephard)

LAX Arrivals Board

The End


Thanks to all of our passengers for making Flight 213 a great success!

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