Flight Schedule

Effective December 21st 2005 thru July 31st 2006

Flight # From To


Departs Arrives Stops


Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
816 SYD LAX B777 8:15pm 4:08pm 0 X X X X X    
101 LAX SYD B777 10:25pm 8:05am 0   X X X X X  
415 SYD LAX B747 7:10am 6:02am 1      


  X X
029 LHR BOS B757 6:35pm 5:42am 1 X           X
823 LAX HNL A340 6:55pm 10:23pm 0 X X X X X    
108 SYD LAX B777 10:15pm 5:55am 0   X X X X X  
423 LAX HNL A340 7:02pm 10:50pm 0           X X
424 LAX DEN B777 11:00pm 6:18am 8 X           X
523 HNL SYD A340 11:42pm 7:23am 0           X X
524 SYD HNL A340 9:30am 10:25pm 0 X           X
755 DFW LHR B777 8:26am 10:46am 0 X X X X X X X
235 PHX LAX B757 7:14am 7:38am 0 X X X X X X X
164 EKO FUN B777 8:04am 4:08pm 1 X


FUN EKO B777 4:04pm 8:08pm 0 X
915 YYZ LAX A340 7:08pm 9:25pm 0 X X X X
916 LAX YYZ A340 4:25pm 6:18am 0 X X X X
213 LAX ??? B777 2:13pm ??? 9 X

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